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Apex Predator television series graphic

Episode of the series Apex Predator featuring Adam

Changing Seas Television Series Graphic

Episode of the series Changing Seas featuring Adam

Adam talking about his alligator egg research on WJXT

Alligator eating a bonnethead shark (credit: Chris Cox)

Adam interviewing Dr. Tyrone Hayes

Adam interviewing Dr. Mireya Mayor

Adam interviewing Dr. Mike Heithaus

Jul. 2018: RootsRated article about staying safe around wildlife (including alligators)

Jul. 2018: Coverage of alligator egg research on WJXT (1, 2), NPR (1, 2), The Florida Times-Union, Miami Herald, First Coast News, and Action News Jax

Feb. 2018: Earther article about animal eating habits

Jan. 2018: Earth Touch News article about alligator-python interactions in Florida

Jan. 2018: Snopes article and The Times-Picayune articledebunking a myth about alligators being responsible for the loss of Louisiana's wetlands

Oct. 2017: article about household items used in ecological field research

Sep. 2017: Check out The Magic School Bus Rides Again (the re-boot of The Magic School Bus) on Netflix! Adam was a science adviser for ep. 7, "Hides and Seeks"

Sep. 2017: National Geographic article about alligator-shark reciprocal predation

Sep. 2017: Adam wrote an op-ed in The Florida Times-Union discussing the potential effects of President Trump's proposed budget on the Jacksonville, FL region

Jul. 2017: Earth Touch News article about alligator-produced hairballs

Jun. 2017: Check out this article in Forbes on Roman-era crocodile hunters

May 2017: Adam co-wrote a piece for War on the Rocks about how science informs the U.S. reaction to the situation in Syria

Apr. 2017: Adam wrote a post for the AAAS Sci on the Fly blog about President Trump's approach to climate change

Feb. 2017: Check out Adam's appearance on the SciComm podcast (ep. 27)!

Dec. 2016: Adam wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post! He calls out "drain the swamp" as the lazy political metaphor that it is, and the article was then featured on the Jan. 18, 2017 episode of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Dec. 2016: Earth Touch News article about crocodilians in salty waters

Oct. 2016: Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies article about a paper Adam wrote highlighting the need for realism in climate change ecology

Oct. 2016: Earth Touch News article about aging in crocodilians

Sep. 2016: One of Adam's papers on alligators won the Best Paper Award from the Louisiana Association of Professional Biologists!

Jun. 2016: Interview with Maclean's that Adam did following the alligator-related death of a young boy at Disney World

Jun. 2016: Vice News article about alligators appearing in the Atlanta area

May 2016: Snopes article about a large alligator spotted on a Florida golf course

​May 2016: National Geographic article about the Nile crocodile problem in Florida

​May 2016: Check out Adam's recent appearance on The Show About Science podcast (ep. 15) with 5-year-old interviewer Nate!

Jan. 2016: Roads & Kingdoms article about Adam's research on black caiman in collaboration with Caiman House in Yupukari, Guyana

Oct. 2015: Business Insider article about alligators dispersing during floods

May 2015: FIU News article about the episode of Ocean Mysteries Adam shot with Jeff Corwin

May 2014: Crocodile Specialist Group newsletter that mentions Adam's win for best presentation at their 23rd Working Meeting (page 13)

Feb. 2014: Articles (12, 3) published in Guyana Times about Adam's black caiman research in Guyana (check out page 2 of each issue)

Aug. 2013: News articles (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) about a paper co-authored by Adam describing fruit-eating behaviors in crocodilians

Jun. 2012: EarthSky article about Adam's alligator research

Mar. 2012: Two articles (1, 2) about Adam receiving the Ecological Society of America Graduate Student Policy Award. You can also listen to an ESA podcast interview with Adam

2011: "Top Predators of the Coastal Everglades" downloadable interactive tracker Adam helped create (also on display at the Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Discovery and Science)